Barbecued Pouldoody Bay Oysters

There aren’t a lot of Irish people who eat oysters. Which is a shame, since the island has some great ones. I try to recruit new oyster eaters when we have friends over for dinner.

Raw oysters on the half shell are a tough sell, but hot smoked oysters, painted with a little garlic herb butter, are hard to resist.

The Kamado Joe is perfect for cooking these. It gets nice and hot plus it imparts a little smoky flavor when the lid is closed.

That’s my Irish friend David Donahue on the tongs. He’s putting the oysters on a bed of seaweed to keep them upright so they don’t spill out all the buttery juice. David is the rarity–an Irishman who loves oysters so much, he sells them at the Farmers Market.

I live on Pouldoody Bay, one of the most famous place names for Irish oysters. The local oyster farmer has kindly sold me several bags of oysters and leased me space on one of his trestles. So I can go down to the shore when the tide is low enough and walk out to my oyster bags. David has a couple of bags down there as well.

The oysters David is cooking here were too large for the half shell market, but perfect for barbecue.