BBQ Products: B&B Charcoal

I learned about B&B Charcoal from the old-timers at the Washington Lodge of the Sons of Hermann. These guys have been barbecueing on an open pit since the 1950s and their lodge has been holding barbecues since the late 1800s, so maybe they know a thing or two.

The modern Texas barbecue smoker burns hardwood and imparts a strong smoky flavor to the meat. Old-fashioned Southern barbecue is cooked over coals and doesn’t have much of smoky taste. In the old days, barbecuers burned seasoned hardwood in a fireplace and shoveled the hot coals into the barbecue pit. But for the last 20 years or so, the barbecue crew at the Sons of Hermann Lodge in Washington has been starting their fire with lump charcoal. “But you can’t use just any charcoal,” veteran BBQ man Bubba Roese confided.

B&B Charcoal company in Weimar sells lump charcoal made from oak and brags that their curing method removes acid and resins that cause inferior charcoal to impart bad flavors to the meat. I found B&B Lump Oak Charcoal at my local HEB grocery store in Houston. You can call them at 1-855-BBQCOAL to find out where to buy their charcoal near you.

4 thoughts on “BBQ Products: B&B Charcoal

  1. Jorge Canavati

    This is THE base fuel for excellent results. I buy the 20lb. bags at Academy. HEB only has the smaller sizes.

  2. Trey Moran

    I bought bag of the B&B Quebracho charcoal (Argentina). Lights fast and burns super hot and slow. Gives a great flavor to beef and puts a nice sear on your steak with no problem. I’ve almost used up my whole 50 lb bag.

  3. Gary Cameron

    This is my favorite brand as well. What I disliked about some of the other lump charcoals was the differences in sizes of the chunks. The chunks in B&B are closer to the same size which makes keeping an even temperature in my small fire box easier.

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