Time to Get a New Grill Brush?

You figure you’re doing the right thing by diligently cleaning your greasy grill before cooking dinner on it. But then, along come the hospital horror stories about sharp steel bristles falling off your grill brush–and ending up in your dinner guest’s throats, stomachs and guts.

It’s not hard to imagine–my grill brush was so old it was shedding bristles all over the place. I could have easily served up a pokey pork chop.


So I shopped around online and found some modern alternatives to the old-fashioned wire bristle brush. I settled on this wire mesh brush from Mountain Grillers. I figured I better shoot a photo while it was all shiny and new because if it does a good job, it will soon be coated with ugly black grease.

If you haven’t already gotten rid of your old steel bristle grill brush, put one of these on your Christmas wish list.