Nickel BBQ

Just Good Food
Just Good Food

IMG_2953 “Just Good Food” is the name of the new BBQ trailer that’s parked in a vacant lot at the corner of Lyons and St. Elmo in the Fifth Ward. The trailer is open from 11 to 6, closed Sundays. Call 832 322 8428 for details.

Political candidate and community organizer, James “Joe” Joseph, is keeping it all in the “Nickel” as the Fifth Ward is fondly known–he is cooking ribs from Davis Meat Market on Lockwood and links from Bert’s Meat Market on Lyons.

I plan to go by soon and sample some. If you beat me to it, please let us how the barbecue tastes.

Before desegregation in the 1970s, the Nickel was Houston’s premier destination for barbecue. Let’s hope for a revival.