Desi-Mex: Masala BBQ and Tortilla Samosas

Masala BBQ Brisket at Himalaya

Chef Kaiser at Himalaya called the other day and told me to come and sample his Masala BBQ brisket. He rubs the packer’s cut brisket with a garum masala blend and then smokes it in his kitchen smoker. Kaiser’s barbecue sauce is an eyebrow-raising blend of commercial barbecue sauce and a tomato masala curry.

So I called my buddies J. Francis, J.C. Reid, and David and Ecky from Greenway Coffee to join me. I also called Shubhra, an Indian woman who wrote an Easy Indian cookbook called Entice with Spice that just came out. Shubhra came over to my house one day and demonstrated one of the coolest ideas in her cookbook. It’s a recipe for cocktail-size samosas using flour tortillas for the wrappers!

The flour tortilla samsosas came out awesome. As for the Masala BBQ, it’s not on the menu at Himalaya, but it may be someday soon. And it’s always available for catered events.

Only in Houston or what?

4 thoughts on “Desi-Mex: Masala BBQ and Tortilla Samosas

  1. Blaine

    I had this last week. They put so much cilantro “garnish” on it, it was inedible. 1/4 cup, at minimum.

    Did they fix that for your visit?

  2. Analog Girl

    Sounds like a Must Try – I’ve had Kaiser’s fajitas & enjoyed them. Blaine, how could a garnish that’s easily removable make it inedible? Just move to the side & nosh. Great group of friends you went with, I know it was a fun time!

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