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TexMex grill
TexMex grill

Life-Altering Barbecue

Counter at Martin's, Bryan, Texas, photo by O.Rufus Lovett

Barbecue Top 10 lists, BBQ restaurant ratings, rib rankings and all the rest of it are, as the Buddhists would say, illusion. There is no best barbecue, anymore than there is a best symphony or a best painting. This website is about the art, the culture and the Zen of BBQ.

Fire barrel, Scott's Variety, Hemingway, S.C. photo by O. Rufus Lovett

We seek out the restaurants and barbecue events that are preserving America’s artisan food tradition. We don’t have any judgements to offer about yummy lunches–but we do have a whole lot of recommendations about life-altering barbecue experiences.

Whole hogs in the cooler at Grady's Barbecue, Dudley, N.C. photo by O. Rufus Lovett

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