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TexMex grill
TexMex grill

Reverend Baby J’s BBQ

Baby J's in Palestine

Last Sunday Chris Shepherd and I lead our World BBQ Tour for the GHCVB. Last Monday I taught a BBQ class at my house with guest instructor and veteran cook-off judge, Richard Flores. Then on Tuesday I met photographer O Rufus Lovett at Baby J’s BBQ in Palestine. Lovett and I worked together on the Saveur story titled Zen and the Art of Barbecue.

Ora Lee's in Marianna, Arkansas

After lunch at Baby J’s, we took off on a multi-state journey in search of shining examples of barbecue culture. We made two stops in Arkansas, six in Tennessee and seven in Alabama before we hit Georgia last night. Rufus headed back to Kilgore College where he has to teach classes this week. I am going to continue the BBQ trek, You can read the list of places we have visited and follow my continuing progress across the Carolinas on twitter by typing in #zenbbq.

Chopped pork sandwich at Ora Lee's

Expect a book on the subject one of these days.

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