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TexMex grill
TexMex grill

The Real Chappell Hlll Sausage

“Wurst BBQ in Texas” was the title of the talk I gave at the Texas Dance Hall Symposium in Round Top on Saturday. I passed out samples of German sausage from Burton’s and Polish sausage from Chappell Hill Meat Market, all in natural casings. The Chappell Hill Meat Market and Cafe was founded by the Kopycinski family in 1939. The original business was located closer to downtown Chappell Hill, but when Highway 290 was rerouted in the 1970s, the business moved to its current location at the 290 stoplight in Chappell Hill. I had a sausage sandwich at the cafe while I was picking up my sample links. Don’t mistake the Kopycinski’s sausage for the packaged products made by the Chappell Hill Sausage Company, a latter-day copycat that makes the commercial style Chappell Hill Sausage found in grocery stores.

photo by Paul S. Howell

Some sausage fanatics are partial to the jalapeño sausage at Chappell Hill Meat Market including the guy on the cover of the October issue of Texas Highways Magazine. His name is Ben Duncan and he appears in my cover story about tailgating which includes recipes from The Tex-Mex Grill. Duncan is holding up a link of custom-made double garlic, double jalapeño sausage he gets custom made by Mike Kopycinski.

Stop and visit Mike and Cissy Kopycinski the next time you’re driving through Chappell Hill. Get a hamburger or a sausage sandwich at the cafe. And bring a cooler so you can load up on links.

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