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Memorial Day Smoke Signals

Update: Here’s what our Memorial Day barbecue looks like after five and a half hours of smoking. I think the pork is done, but I’m going to hit it with a wine jelly and mustard glaze just for the hell of it.

It wouldn’t be Memorial Day without barbecue, right? So I fired up the smoker at 11 am on Sunday and invited people over for lunch on Monday. Usually I cook whole pork shoulders, but these “country-style pork ribs” were on sale for a dollar a pound at HEB. This is just a pork shoulder cut into strips anyway. I got some of John Henry’s Texas Pig Rub at Allied Kenco the other day, so I figured I might as well try it. These will only take three or four hours to cook. We’ll eat some tonight for dinner and then reheat the rest for the barbecue tomorrow.

This Kobe brisket has been out in my freezer for awhile, so I defrosted it for Memorial Day. I sprinkled it with Bellville Meat Market Brisket Rub. I’ll probably bring the brisket in late tonight and finish it tomorrow morning.

I put a water pan on the smoker to keep things moist and avoid burning the end of the brisket closet to the heat. I am burning charcoal in the middle of a square of split seasoned oak logs. The temperature is around 275° F.

3 comments to Memorial Day Smoke Signals

  • Ribalding

    Post idea:

    Recommended back yard smokers. (Types, pros, cons, prices, etc.)

  • edward nicholos

    looks good. i did 2 lamb racks and they came out very nice. first time i did those on the grill. oh and hambugers for the wife as she does not eat lamb.

  • Jose Solis

    You should try Harley Goerlitz’s spice rub sometime. I usually get it at the Giddings City Meat Market. Or you can get it at the Harley’s Seasoning web site, though I’ve never tried that.

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