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Gil Vrazel's Czech Barbecue Shack

If you’re driving hungry on Highway 71 this weekend, consider skipping the burgers and kolaches at Hruska’s in Ellinger and visiting Gil Vrazel instead. Gil’s Bar-B-Que Shack is that little place just south of Hruska’s that’s only open on Saturday and Sunday. Gil and his wife work at the auction barn in Columbus on weekdays. They smoke their homemade Czech sausage, pork roast and brisket on the weekends only. The old smoker is tucked away in a screened-in shed behind the “main shack” which houses a couple of tables, a fridge for the drinks, and the cash register.

Like all shade tree barbecue operations, you have to appreciate Gil’s on its own terms. The pork was wonderful and so was the sausage on recent Sunday afternoon around 2 pm. But the brisket was all sold out. I guess I need to get there earlier to try the beef.

For a real treat, eat at the picnic table under a grove of live oaks out back.

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